Professor Reza Ardakanian, United Nations University (UNU), Germany

Founding Director of UNU-FLORES

Director of the UN-Water Decade Programme on Capacity Development hosted by UNU

Title of the talk: The role of research and capacity development on the water related SDGs

Dr. Karamoz

Professor Mohammad Karamouz, PhD, PE, F.ASCE, DWRE

University of Tehran; Former Director of Environmental Engineering, NYU; Former Dean of Engineering, Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York

Title of the talk: A passage from quantity to quality in water education: Developing a shared vision

Professor Henny van Lanen

Professor Henny van Lanen, Wageningen UR, the Netherlands

Project coordinator, DROUGHT-R&SPI - Fostering European Drought Research and Science-Policy Interfacing

Title of the talk: Drought and Water Scarcity Education at Different Levels: Challenges to Learn an Inter-Disciplinary Topic

Professor Dr.-Ing. Andre Niemann

Centre for Water and Environmental Research

Intitute of Hydraulic Engineering and Water Resources Management

University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany

Title of the talk: Modern Water education needs in Higher Education Units – State of the Art

Professor Wim van Vierssen

CEO, KWR Watercycle Research Institute,

Professor in Science Systems Assessment of Water-Related Research,

Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands

Title of the talk: Bridging Science to Practice - Curriculum Developing from a Novel Perspective

Dr. Sayyed Mohsen Fatemi

Department of Psychology, Harvard University, USA

Title of the talk: Global mindfulness and environmental protection (Presenting a new model)

Professor Charlotte de Fraiture

Professor of Hydraulic Engineering for Land and Water Development,  Head of the Water Science Engineering Department, UNESCO-IHE, NETHERLANDS

Title of the talk: Future water problems call for different competencies: UNESCO-IHE's approach to water education

Professor Mohammad Ali Banihashemi

Dean, Regional Institute of Water Education, IRAN

Title of the talk: An eyewitness report on three decades of water education and capacity building at the University of Tehran