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Important notifications for WENM2016 participants:

  • Conference will be held in the Central Library of University of Tehran (Enghelab St.). 
  • Those who registered for workshops can also attend conference sessions and the opening ceremony. 
  • In order to attend the opening ceremony, please be in the conference venue by 8:30
  • Paper presenters, panelists and workshop moderators should be present at the designated session halls 15 minutes before the start of the session.
  • Very limited parking spaces are provided for guests. The parking entrance is at "16 Azar" street (north of Poursina cross section). Please take into account relatively heavy traffic around University of Tehran  and the fact that it is often impossible to find a parking spot around the university. 

Water education and capacity building are considered as the main keys in today’s most pressing water challenges. They are also among the most important elements of strategies for sustainable development. Good water governance in a changing environment needs skilled and capable water scientists (hydrologist), engineers and managers.

Water education and training are needed at various levels. Dealing with water scarcity, attending to growing water socioeconomics and environmental issues, and adapting to climate variability calls for a comprehensive capacity building programs/curricula. This can be used to train multi-disciplinary teams of engineers, ecologists, economists, sociologists, and managers to work together and define strategies and action plans.

We need professional water experts capable of identifying and formulating challenging issues in water supply and demand management, in addressing ecosystem needs, and in adapting to climate variability. We are committed to bring together water scientist/engineers, and other stakeholders from different countries in a major regional and international conference in Iran; a major water laboratory of real world applications.

Background, Date, and Venue:

The idea of organizing this international conference was first raised by the members of “SusWaDialogue” Project (Water Management and Sustainability from a Cultural and Social Perspective – a Dialogue between Germany, Iran, Egypt and Indonesia) in March 2015.

The International Conference on “Water and Environment in the New Millennium: Education and Capacity Building” is jointly organized by the University of Tehran and the international partners (to be finalized). It is organized to be held in Tehran on 3-5 December 2016.

Side Events:

The side events of this conference include a two-day exhibition parallel with the conference and a workshop which will be held in the third day. Cultural tours will be organized for the third day of the conference.

Workshops and short-term training courses by national and international experts can be organized as side events of the conference. Academics and international institutions interested in organizing such workshops/training courses can contact the organizing committee.

The workshop will be specifically focus on developing a new curriculum for training water policy makers with cross-disciplinary knowledge in the fields of hydrology (surface and groundwater), water engineering, water law, water and environment economics, socio-hydrology and ecohydrology. The workshop will be attended by invited experts and guests.

The exhibition will focus on new educational technologies and national and international success stories/show cases in water education and capacity building as well as information dissemination.



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