Title of the workshop: Introduction to water market as a tool for conflict resolution between water users


Prof. Dr. Mark Oelmann

University of Applied Sciences Ruhr West (HRW), Mülheim/Ruhr, Germany

Professor for Water and Energy Economics and Managing Partner of MOcons GmbH & Co.KG.


Eng. Abbas Sahfiei

Head of Broad of Directors, Talashgaran Jharfandish Consulting Engineers, Former Deputy of Ministry of Energy, IRAN




Introduction to local water markets in Iran and government plans for enhancing them

Conflicts of water use and instruments to overcome them

The particular instrument of Water Markets (Auctions to allocate water resources)

International best practices – A criteria-driven analysis

Preconditions for a county like Iran needed to apply the instrument of Water Markets

Elements for a water education to fully understand the opportunities and challenges for the use of Water Markets

For workshop registration, please contact conference secretary, Dr. Masoumeh Ghodrati via email address of mghodrati@ut.ac.ir or call +98 21 61112797.