Title of the workshop: Sustainable Groundwater Management



Prof. Dr. Randolf Rausch

Hochschule Rottenburg, Germany

Eng. Mohammad Behnam Rassouli

Manager of technical department at Abangah Consulting Engineers, Mashhad, IRAN

Member of authors team for second instruction of Groundwater Rebalancing Plan (Signed by Energy Minister of I.R.I at 2015)

Eng. Mohammad Hobevatan

Department manager at Ministry of Energy, IRAN

Social researcher on water resources management

Eng. Nader Alizadeh

Director, Office of Operation Systems, Central Organization for Rural Corporations in Iran, Ministry of Jihad Agriculture, IRAN




PART ONE - Groundwater modelling as a tool of IRWM in arid and semiarid areas (2 hrs)

Basic idea of groundwater models

  • What is a groundwater model?
  • Why groundwater models?
  • Types of groundwater models
  • Application of groundwater models
  • Classification of groundwater models
  • Physical and mathematical background

Process of modelling

  • Model objectives
  • Collection and interpretation of data
  • Development of hydrogeological model
  • Choice of model type
  • Modelling software selection/ programming
  • Model design
  • Model calibration
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Model validation
  • Model application and performance of prognostic runs
  • Analysis of results
  • Post-auditing

Special features for arid and semiarid areas

Case studies from arid regions

PART TWO - Public awareness and social approach; a key for the goal of groundwater sustainable rebalancing (2 hrs)

Session 1- workshop introduction: Review of the water resources management paradigms

Session 2- Explaining the necessity of non-structural activities and the guidelines of the Groundwater Rebalancing National Plan

Session 3- Introducing strategies, methodology and MAC matrix for public awareness and capacity building according to the second guideline of the National Groundwater Rebalancing plan

Session 4- Modifying the social approach for groundwater management in SIA (Social Impact Assessment) framework

Duration: 4 hrs

For workshop registration, please contact conference secretary, Dr. Masoumeh Ghodrati via email address of mghodrati@ut.ac.ir or call +98 21 61112797.