Title of the workshop: Sustainable Water Management - new perspectives and strategies from ecological/biological and engineering point of views



Prof. Dr. Bernd Sures

University of Duisburg-Essen, Head of the Institute of Aquatic Ecology; Universitaetsstrasse 15, 45 141 Essen, Germany

Prof. Alireza Sari

School of Biology, College of Science, University of Tehran, Tehran, Iran


Workshop Aims: The workshop aims at exchanging state of the art knowledge on health assessment and management techniques for improving the quality and quantity of drinking water resources and agricultural needs in Iran with a main focus on the adaptation of advanced monitoring, restoration, and protection measures. An additional special focus will be given on the application of model based reservoir optimization techniques including the use of remote sensing data and real time control (RTC) including forecasting systems to achieve multiple goals in sustainable water management. It will contribute to the demand of water administrative departments, irrigation managers, water supply utilities, and water end-users. Moreover, the improvement of ecological conditions of water resources areas will enhance the management of water resources towards a “Health Assessment of Key Rivers and Lakes Nationwide”.



Overview of the state of the art techniques on reservoir management, application of optimization technology and decision making tools and the capabilities of the use of remote sensing data from the engineering side (Managing Quality and Quantity) 

Overview of the state of the art techniques on ecological assessment of rivers and lakes as a basis of sustainable water management and additional decision making purposes  (Managing Ecology and Water Quality)

Identification of potential possibilities in the field of joint optimization of water quality, quantity, and ecology

How to achieve effective water education without losing focus on expertise in engineering, ecology and economy based study programs

Duration: 2 hours

For workshop registration, please contact conference secretary, Dr. Masoumeh Ghodrati via email address of mghodrati@ut.ac.ir or call +98 21 61112797.